Five Minute Cable Knit Pillow!!!

Yes, you read that correctly!  I made a cable knit pillow in 5 minutes.  Less than that actually.  See?

Digital Camera

You can do it too!  What’s the secret?  Clear out the back of the closet!  You see, Mom had an old sweater she never wore and was ready to toss it, but I like to find any way to upcycle tired old things before tossing them.  So, here’s where this project began:

Digital Camera

And here is how it progressed:

Digital Camera

The body of the sweater was a rectangle with just the sleeves and top being shaped, so I simply cut off the upper part just below the bust and sleeves, turned it inside out and stitched a seam across the cut edge.

I turned it right side out leaving the original finished edge unstitched.  I wanted this to be a removable pillow cover.  I love changing out accessories seasonally and the like, so I left the nicely finished lower edge of the original sweater as it was, slipped the pillow in and added fasteners.  This depends on your choice of method such as buttons, snaps, zipper, or loop tape such as Velcro brand, my favorite.  The result made a lovely cover for the seat cushion on my window seat.

I saved the upper part of the sweater as I’m sure I can use more of the scrap that remains.  I’ll let you know what I come up with!  Before you toss something into the rag-bag, give it a second look, won’t you?

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